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The information contained within the pages that constitute the Shoeburyness Model Railway Club website are believed to be correct.
Shoeburyness Model Railway Club accepts no responsibility for any incorrect information contained within these pages, but can only advise that they be used as a guide.
Any actions taken by the reader of these pages as a result of viewing the said pages are solely at the readers own risk.

Update policy

The relevant pages relating to this year's show are updated regularly.
For the latest information please see Exhibition page
The Shoeburyness Model Railway Club Exhibition Manager
provides the information to the website administrator at regular intervals, the website administrator aims to keep the website as current and as accurate as is possible in a timely manner.
However there may be times where this is not possible, this maybe due to gainful employment, annual leave or there may be a technical issue, please note that any errors and omissions that may occur from time to time, the Shoeburyness Model Railway Club, it's members, agents or other appointed person acting for or on behalf of the club cannot be held liable for any damage or loss howsoever caused.
We will as quickly as is possible correct any such issue once we have been notified of it.

All confirmed exhibitors and traders with their own web sites discovering they have not been linked to, or if any reader finding an error on the site. please contact the website administrator so that it may be investigated and corrected as quickly as possible.

Data Protection

In accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act any information supplied to the Shoeburyness Model Railway Club in connection with the arrangement of its Annual Exhibition is held securely on a computer system with strictly restricted access to authorised personnel only, data is only kept as long as is required for the sole purpose of management of the Shoeburyness Model Railway Club Annual Exhibition.
We will NEVER
sell or transfer your details to any organization either UK based or overseas, without you express consent obtained either verbally or in writing, exceptions to this shall be by production of a court order issued in accordance with English Law.

Exhibitors and Traders should note that their business names and website address where applicable shall be included on the website and also in the show guide unless they specifically advise to the contrary.

Equal Opportunities Policy

Shoeburyness Model Railway Club operates an Equal Opportunities Policy and states that there is no discrimination on the basis of age, gender, sex, disability or racial background.

Cookie Policy
Shoeburyness Model Railway Club does not collect any information from this website of your browsing history, we do not use any cookies, however where there are links to external websites these may use cookies which we do not have any control of.
The law relating to the use of cookies requires that they be used only with your consent. Bearing in mind that views on the nature of such consent vary across EU Member States. We do not host any 3rd party cookies or scripts.

The Committee
Shoeburyness Model Railway Club

1st July 2012

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