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Annual Exhibition
Club Exhibition Manager - Roy Ginn

Roy Ginn
Exhibition Manager

Hello, My name is Roy and I am the exhibition manager for the club. This year I am attempting to get even more into the show, the floor planner really will have a job on his hands this year !
If your an exhibitor, trader, demonstrator or a preservation society and are looking too exhibit at a good quality exhibition with a friendly atmosphere, then feel free to drop a line to either the assistant exhibition manager or myself by email and we will respond as quickly as possible if not sooner..


Assistant Exhibition Manager -  Trevor Grout

Trevor Grout
Assistant Exhibition Manager

Hi, I am Trevor,
in addition to my main role as the Club Treasurer, I am also the assistant show manager, having had far too many years of experience with our annual exhibition, if memory serves me correctly, all the way back to show number 9. I have taken up the role of assistant exhibition manager as the show manager is getting on a bit! and it was thought that some of the tasks needed to run our show needed be shared out.
If you would like to be involved with the show, please feel free to drop me a line via email at showman(a)shoeburynessmrc.co.uk changing the (a) to @.


Exhibition Floor Planner - Bill Adlington

Bill Adlington
Exhibition Floor Planner

I like going to show, for me its got all the expectation of the holiday flight taking off the runway. If I’m honest, I prefer to be part of the show construction than go visit a show because I haven’t found my perfect show yet.

Here at Shoeburyness, we have an exhibition team of incredible experience and it a honour to share effort to put on our Annual Model Railways & Hobbies show, a unique and cross platform of transport based hobbies for visitor enjoyment under one roof of 26400 square feet and every one I have to keep in control. The Floor Plan isn’t just a map but a wedding plan that joins all who contribute to the great day, I have floor markers who have their preferred way to measure the same area of floor, the data on the plan has to accommodate them all. The Exhibition Manager have preferences where Traders and the like need to be positioned, Traders and Exhibitors have requests who they would like to be near or not. The Venue Operator is evolving their operation of the site and that may affect what we might of once done before.
This year the Venue Catering will look different also much work has been done on the floor by the club to improve Trader sales. All we need this year is the right sort of weather for a good turnout and our loyal visitors to invest in all the hard work put on by all and enjoy the day.
Will I find my perfect Show, well I thinking it will be better but I’ll have to wait and see, My proverbial passport is packed and my bags are ready for 2018 take-off of the Annual Model Railways & Hobbies show at Garons Park.


Exhibition Secretary - Rev. John Stanton

John Stanton
Exhibition Secretary

John will provide a write up in due course. 

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